In order to qualify for benefits, you must have:

  • Made sufficient contributions to Canada Pension
  • Suffer from a severe and prolonged disability
  • Not be in receipt of a CPP retirement pension

If you have been denied benefits and require assistance, please call us today at: 519 969-3262

Once it is determined that you meet the minimum qualifying period, you must
prove that you suffer from a severe and prolonged disability.

A severe disability is one which prevents you from regularly engaging in any substantially gainful employment. Most clients are denied benefits on the basis that their condition is not severe.

Prolonged means that the disability is long term and indefinite.

If you are denied benefits, you must file a written appeal within 90 days.

The file is then reconsidered by Service Development Canada. This is a paper review. You should send all medical consultations, test results, x-rays/CT scans, MRIs and
any other reports to Reconsiderations if they were not an original part of your application.

If the reconsideration decision is negative, you have 90 days to appeal to the
Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals. Again, this must be done in writing.
This appeal process involves an oral hearing.